How To Read Piano Music

Beginners course

Learning how to read music can seem overwhelming – there’s a lot to know and learn! Let me guide you through and help eliminate feelings of confusion and frustration. In The Bitesize Piano Course, I’ll teach you how to read, understand, analyse and learn songs from music notation using step-by-step Bitesized lessons. I introduce topics in a logical order to understand the basics of notation, rhythm, time signatures, key signatures, chords, dynamics, articulation, and hand/body posture, using explanations and diagrams I’ve found to be the most effective. I teach this course exactly how I would teach a new beginner student; slowly and thoroughly. I’ve composed many of the piano works myself, as well as hand-picking / arranging existing pieces to ensure that an eclectic range of genres are covered and explored, encouraging learners to develop into rounded musicians. Upon completing, you’ll have an understanding of the basic foundations of music reading, theory and technique in which to build upon. Score analysis, theory and sight-reading are always the focus and forefront of the lessons, with technical emphasis, learning great pieces of music along the way whilst exploring a variety of genres. A PDF of each learning material is included with each and every lesson, should you wish to print out for practising and make notes on a physical copy.

Your Teacher

Piano Teacher / Composer

Francesca Williams

Bitesize Piano is entirely created/taught by Francesca, who is a full-time Piano Teacher Composer/Musician based in West Yorkshire UK. As well as obtaining all her Classical ABRSM grades, she graduated with a First Class BA Hons Degree in Music Production from Leeds College of Music Conservatoire, and has been teaching Piano privately and within Music Schools for 11 years. Her compositions have been used on radio, performed in theatre, on adverts and indie films. She officially began creating Piano tutorials on Youtube in 2018, before developing


  • Will the lessons be similar to your Youtube videos?

    Yes, very much so! If you're used to my way of teaching and presenting videos on my Youtube channel, you can be sure that my style, editing and layout is also the same in the course.

  • Do I need to have a full 88 key Piano?

    No! You can take this course and benefit from it as long as your keyboard/piano is at least a standard 49 key size.

  • Will I learn pieces/songs I recognise?

    Yes and no! I've included many songs/pieces/tunes you should recognise. I've also composed ones for the course you won't know (but will hopefully enjoy!).


with interesting content. I enjoyed every minute of it! Detailed explanation, gradual and pedagogic approach. Clear video and good pdf material. Great value for money. Thank you, Francesca, for bringing me back to the joy of playing the piano!" - Karolina

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What You'll Receive

An overview

  • One year access to the full step-by-step video course for beginners to understand/read piano notation

  • Includes downloadable, printable PDF material for each lesson that's yours forever, INCLUDING extra sheet music from many of my YouTube video tutorials

  • Lessons that Francesca actually teaches to her private students (but for a fraction of the cost!), that you can rewatch as many times as you need

  • Topics introduced in a logical order with a 'real' Piano lesson structure to the videos

  • Exploration in range of genres, with emphasis on reading music and theory, as well as practising tips

  • Clear and simple instruction, layout and format

  • Taught by an actual experienced Piano teacher of 12 years, with a proud 100% student pass exam rate

Lesson Topics

In a Bitesized, logical order for your thorough understanding

  • 1

    The Bitesize Piano Course


    • LESSON 1b

    • LESSON 2 - Beginning Left Hand & Both Hands

    • LESSON 3 - More Notes in Treble & Bass Clef

    • LESSON 4 - Both Hands & Introducing Rests

    • LESSON 5 - Practising Rests

    • LESSON 6 - Tied Notes & Quavers

    • LESSON 7 - More Dynamics & C Major Scale

    • LESSON 8 - Articulation & New Bass Clef Notes

    • LESSON 9a - Sharps, Flats & Naturals

    • LESSON 9b - Sharps, Flats & Naturals

    • LESSON 10 - Hands Together & Study

    • LESSON 11 - A in Treble Clef & Study

    • LESSON 12 - Introducing Chords & Blues Study

    • LESSON 13a - New Treble Clef Notes & William Tell Overture

    • LESSON 13b - New Treble Clef Notes & William Tell

    • LESSON 14 - Minor Scale & New Bass Clef Notes

    • LESSON 15 - Dotted Crotchets

    • LESSON 16 - Key Signatures & New Treble Clef Notes

    • LESSON 17 - Minimalism

    • LESSON 18 - The Theory of Time Signatures

    • LESSON 19 - Alternate Endings

    • LESSON 20 - Octave Higher & Double Treble

    • LESSON 21a - Triad Chords

    • LESSON 21b - Triad Chords

    • LESSON 22a - Lead Sheets

    • LESSON 22b - Lead Sheets

    • LESSON 23a - New Key Signatures & Ledger Notes

    • LESSON 23b - New Key Signatures & Ledger Notes

    • LESSON 24 - Hall Of The Mountain King

    • LESSON 25 - Part playing

    • LESSON 26a - Behind The Blues

    • LESSON 26b - Behind The Blues

    • LESSON 27 - Semiquavers

    • LESSON 28 - The Entertainer

    • LESSON 29a - Compound Time Signatures

    • LESSON 29b - Compound Time Signatures

    • LESSON 30 - Für Elise

    • LESSON 31a - Nocturne Op.9. No2.

    • LESSON 31b - Nocturne Op.9 No.2


The Full Course

You will have access to 31 lessons (40 videos) for one year. That works out at just £2 per lesson!